Sectional Overhead Doors

Sectional Overhead Doors Milton Keynes, Bedford & Northampton



Insulated sectional overhead doors and sectional doors are manufactured to suit individual openings for all types of commercial and industrial buildings where the need for energy conservation is desired.

Glazed doors with either single or double glazing are available.


Doors are assembled from 610mm x 40mm thick panels, horizontally ribbed, with a foamed core of rigid polyurethane giving a U value of 0.47 W/m/C.

Each panel has rebated meeting edges with built in seals. The door is fully sealed at top, bottom and sides by neoprene seals.


Panels are available as standard in the following colours:

  • Sunset Red RAL 3000
  • Silver RAL 9006
  • Gentian Blue RAL 5010
  • White RAL 9010
  • Sepia Brown RAL 8014
  • Bone White RAL 9002
  • Anthracite RAL 7016 (New for 2007)
  • Fir Green RAL 6009 (New for 2007)
  • Grey Aluminium RAL 9007 (New for 2007)

Leathergrain is also available in the following colours:

  • Sapphire Blue RAL 5003 (formerly Sargasso)
  • Merlin Grey BS 18B25
  • Goosewing Grey BS 10A05
  • Olive Green BS 12B27
  • Azure Blue BS 18C39 (formerly Ocean Blue)
  • Flame Red BS 04E53 (formerly Poppy Red)
  • Van Dyke Brown BS 08B29
  • Cornflower Blue BS 18E53 (formerly Solent Blue)
  • Sunflower Yellow BS 10E55 (formerly Aztec Yellow)
  • Khaki Green BS 12B21 (formerly Moorland Green)
  • Leaf Green RAL 6002 (formerly Heritage Green)

Safety Features

Cable Brake Device In the event of the cable breaking the device will activate and prevent any further descent of the door.

Spring Brake Device

In the event of a spring breaking the device will activate to prevent the shaft from turning, stopping any further descent of the door.


Insulated CFC free door panels ribbed inner and outer steel sheets internal and external finish stucco white. Dimensions, 610mm x 40mm panels with reinforced hinged fixing position. Panels complete with end caps, seals top and bottom retainer. Wind bars provided on all doors over 6000mm wide.


Safe edge panel profile finger safe from both sides designed to comply with European union safety code EEN12604


Cold rolled 2mm thick steel track with bends. Horizontal tracks are supplied with fast track assembly back track hanger system. Spring buffers provided.


All manual doors come as standard with footstep handle and spring loaded shoot bolt.

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  • Sectional overhead doors Milton Keynes, Northampton & Bedford
  • Sectional doors Milton Keynes, Northampton & Bedford
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